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I’m now an Automated Warehouse designer at Ocado and no longer doing contract design work. Feel free to have a look what I did as a freelance designer.




faceOff STEEL for OBO hockey


At the largest hockey goalkeeping company in the world, I designed the most protective penalty corner face mask on the market. The faceOff STEEL is now the choice of elite players, having been used at Rio 2016 Olympic Games, The European Hockey League and the Netherlands Hoofdklasse.

faceOff STEEL website

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The best penalty corner mask I have ever worn. Vision is much clearer compared to a plastic mask and it offers [the] same high protection.
— Alexander, Sevenoaks

My Process


Examples of the way I work are the new groin and pelvic guards for hockey goalkeepers I designed for OBO hockey.

The development videos show the technical research and user testing that were combined to develop a new product that was safer, more comfortable and cheaper to produce.

I publicised my development process on the OBO Facebook page. Watch it here …

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Early development

The current groin guard fits poorly to the human body so I'm currently developing new products that are more protective and fit better to the body for superior agility. These products will be made in New Zealand and shipped across the world to the best goalkeepers on the planet.

Prototype Development

The prototypes are made in collaboration with DYMX manufacturing. Kevin, at DYMX, will be making these products in the future. It is key for me to collaborate with manufacturers in the process to design achieve a cost effective, efficient to produce design.


a new piece of perfection! Innovation on a very high level
— Loic van Doren, Belgian International and Kampong hockey player

New Technology

By combining a new shock absorbing foam and traditional high density foam I was able to reduce the bulk of the padding by 60% while increasing the protection.

These products are being rigorously tested by a wide range of players that provide feedback and greatly influenced the final design.


Design for a long life

New ‘wings’ reduce the tension on the product resulting in less wear and tear.  

No mess coffee grinder concept for the busy enthusiast


In a week long design challenge, I designed this coffee grinder to produce the freshest, accurate grind with no effort and no wasted coffee.